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  • Hey Jeff! Where'd you get that Red Dog? Is he a good one? I live in MN also and have a 10 yr old red. Got him from Berg Bros. Great dog. Maybe a little too high test, but super dog in the house and just a great all-round dog. I live too far from good bird country (SE MN and pheasant hunting sucks here) to get him out enough though or he would probably be better. How's your fall hunts been going? Enjoy!
    Jeff, I'm still interested in having hunters out. So, if your interested in hunting give me a call. 605-823-4345, best after dark or on Sunday. SHANE
    So Jeff, I saw on an old thread that you're getting rid of one of your springers and going to be getting a new pup soon possibly. Are you getting another springer? If so, have you picked out a breeding yet? I can't get another pup myself currently, but still enjoy looking at all the litters, bloodlines, etc....
    Some of the best Ruffie territory in along the Qu'appelle valley and in the Moose Mountain area (not really mtn's....but any hill in Sask. can qualify. This is woodlands bordering open farmland.
    As for Huns, some of the best areas are South of Weyburn, or south of Moose Jaw along the Missouri Coteau (open farmland). Hope this helps.
    PB F
    Where are you located? I have a 2 dog box that I built for a chevy trailblazer. I would sell it for $200. I'm looking to get a trailer.
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