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    dog types and scenting

    Our griffon has nose in the air searching unless there is a strong scent, then nose to the ground with grunts...
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    2007 Polaris Sportsman 800V-Twin EFI on-demand 4wd

    Honda family here, 2007 rancher that's been thru the mill with 2 boys, no problems and still runs strong. Just bought a 2015 Honda Pioneer 500. My 2 dogs even love the Pioneer!
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    Possession Limit

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    Let’s see em.

    I am ready for some winter.
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    Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

    Highly recommend Stubborn Ass Kennel in Winthrop if looking for a pup. Chris is great to deal with and the pups are well introduced to noise and people as well as sharp looking dogs.
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    Steel Shot

    Steel shot is way high along with everything thing else. If you are even lucky to find it. I'm not seeing any breaks in the future pricing or quantity either. The Corona tail is still wagging hard along with the current leadership.
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    Emergency haying.

    I had to look up the meaning that fancy word idiocy "extremely stupid behavior " How so? You sound like one of those big silicon valley companies that wants and is censoring conservative talk.
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    CRP seeded in 2020

    If noticed the Bluestem coming on strong seeded in 2018 in SE Iowa.
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    Time table for pheasants to “fully” populate new CRP.

    There are a lot of variables, our experience, 3 years the numbers were excellent with 125 acres we enrolled with a dozen birds in the area. The CRP of today amazes me with the results.
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    Getting on pheasants during the summer?

    I do not hurt a thing! I have my 3 month pup on a leash walking a mowed trail. Use some common sense before making your smart axx comments.
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    Getting on pheasants during the summer?

    We have a griffon 3 month pup that we take to mowed trails on the edge of CRP fields towards evening. It's hit or miss, maybe 50% for us right now of flushing or I should say seeing birds. We flushed a hen and 10 chicks last weekend along a trail, the chics took full flight and all flew over 100...
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    Gun fire conditioning alone

    I take my pups to the field, when they see or point or flush i fire dummy launcher, 22. I also pop a lot of bubble wrap during play times only 8 to 14 weeks. Happy times equals loud pops. I have trained 6 this way by the time they are 7 to 8 months.
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    favorite hunting shirt

    I always wear shirt jacs even in extreme cold, then i just add a sweatshirt below. I have a Duluth right now. I pair it with a Filson strap vest.
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    Is that so?

    Pheasant hunting and guns are both freedoms that are and will be threatened more in the future. Just ignore it, don't talk about it or it will never happen attitude will just speed up the process. This issue isn't important to the sport I guess.
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    Hunting Boots

    It took me 30 years to do this. I have 2 pair, Gumleaf for wet conditions and Irish Setter for dry. I will never go back to not having 2 pair. Gumleaf are expensive however the fit and weight are awesome. I have wore them heavy for 3 seasons showing no wear. I alwaya...