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    Pierre Area

    Let us know how you do? Be safe, enjoy the hunt, dogs, and the experience. Take care.
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    2021 Season

    That is sad to hear. I hope you find pockets that are more appealing. I will continue to monitor. Stay safe, keep dog(s) hunting, and shoot straight!!
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    2021 Season

    Went out west of Elk Lake. Hunted several hours. Saw 4 hens , two roosters. All were running, as if been hunted hard for weeks. That kind of surprised me. No shots. No birds in hand, beautiful day, and blessed with wonderful dog work.
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    Let’s see em.

    I love the picture!!!
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    I will join you in December, if that's ok. My little yellow lab has hunted many hours with other...

    I will join you in December, if that's ok. My little yellow lab has hunted many hours with other pointing breeds, usually GSP's. Where do you usually stay/ motel/ etc. Like I said, I would enjoy a meet/hunt whenever available. My email is Just a thought, I certainly do not...
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    UPH Hunt in South Dakota

    I am open to anywhere. Just enjoy meeting hunters and their dog(s). I was thinking Pierre SD area, but open .There are so many public spots around. I went last January, by myself, no one else could join. I did ok. As long as I see a couple of birds per day and dog has fun, then it's all good. I...
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    Into, I'm over 60, but love to hunt with my dog for those beautiful birds!

    The last two are from Sauk River Retrievers in Osakis, MN. David Mork and his wife are awesome. My two sons just put deposits down for the first two picks of winter breeding. I cannot wait, we will have three to hunt with. As all of you know, us Dad's can borrow em any time!! HAA.
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    UPH Hunt in South Dakota

    If it would work out sometime, would be fun. I am available anytime after end of Nov. till season closes. I will drive to South Dakota to meet anyone, if it can be worked out. I know time is one of the issues.
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    UPH Hunt in South Dakota

    I cannot during that time, but after Nov 30th. I am open. I would really enjoy a meeting as this.
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    Let’s see em.

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    New upland shotgun?

    If you look at The L4s initial hunter, I thinks its about 1300 bucks. A lot of money, but I tell ya, I would put it up to any of my others. Really enjoy them all. If you were in Minnesota, I'd let you use one even. That's how positive I am. Ha
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    New pheasant shotgun??

    Check out Fabarm L4s initial hunter. If you believe Randy Wakeman and his reviews. Check out Randy Wakeman reviews Fabarm L4s. Enjoy
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    What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

    I agree with R_man. Kennetreks are nice, but only if they fit your foot. Takes awhile to break in. I have to have boots are are nice to my feet. 7 back surgeries with spinal cord stimulators and now pain (morphine) pump. Amazing ankle support, but I know some people do not like them. Like I...
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    Go Pro settings

    Hello all. I recently purchased a Go Pro9 to help make memories of hunting with my dogs. friends, and two sons. Any info on settings would be appreciated. I am a rookie at this. Thank you in advance
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    Love those dogs you have. Hunt em often, if you can!!

    Love those dogs you have. Hunt em often, if you can!!