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    East/North East Oregon

    Good luck on your trip. It should be a great upland year in Eastern Oregon!!
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    This is Remington. Remy for short. She is a 4 year old Pointing Griffon. The top picture is the end of a productive morning in eastern Oregon. The second is the whole crew on another successful outing.
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    Bird Hunting in Southwest Colorado?

    There are Gambels quail along the Green and Colorado River. I used to hunt west of Grant Junction for them right along the Utah border. Its all BLM land so access is easy. I also used to jump shoot ducks and geese at a State Wildlife Management area just west of Delta. It's a big property...
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    Looking for a good chucker place to hunt

    The "West Desert" past Snowville has chukar every year. If you go west on Highay 30 and hunt any of the lava rock knobs along that road you will run into chukar. How many you see is determined on how the water outlook is. This year is going to be a rough one. Last year we killed chukar every...
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    East/North East Oregon

    I grew up in that area and still travel back for crappie and catfish at Owyhee and Brownlee Reservoirs. You can rent a boat in Boise which is about an hour away from either reservoir. The fishing is faster at Owyhee but the crappie are a little smaller 10-12 inch is common. Brownlee they have...
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    Which is the best hunt, point and retrieve gundog?

    I have hunted behind several different gun dog breeds. They all have something to offer and honestly, if you do your part in the training process they all have been serviceable. My dad hunted a German Shorthair (great pointing dog but not completely reliable for water retrieves), followed by a...