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    Ruffed Grouse Hunting in MN

    I will defer to your judgement on the safety aspect and deer season. RGMA's and Hunter Walking Trails do get frequent pressure but they also have the best habitat and generally better bird numbers. It is a trade off. I don't know but it is possible they will see less deer hunter traffic than...
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    paper maps

    Gazetter is still the best map book out there for most states MN included. Can also go to the MN DNR Recreation compass map system and zoom into an area and hit the print button. I have pretty much switched over to onX Maps and love the...
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    Habitat stamp Required

    Could be as simple as ear marking and routing $$ to the correct funds. I think MN has 8-10 game & fish accounts. Some very specific like Trout & Salmon Management. Maybe even more likely is to keep the $$ out of general accounts where they can be siphoned off for other efforts.
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    Rules Changes

    Per the graph there was not 12 M acres of grasslands in 1963. Most of that acreage was small grains which is better than corn but still a mono culture which is far from ideal for pheasant production because it doesn't serve all aspects of a young pheasants life cycle from nesting to brood...
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    SD Public Land Poll

    100%. Don't see the cost/benefit to working on private access. Do just fine on public....
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    Habitat stamp Required

    As upland hunters we should have been promoting this stamp (and the funds it would generate) 10-years ago when it was clear the ethanol driven commodity price run-up was going to make a lot of marginal acres worth putting back into production. People always question State of SD, SDGF&P motives...
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    Best Location for an Upland Paradise

    So sometime in the next 5-10 years I could potentially have the opportunity to make a big decision. Buy a warm season only retirement residence in Northern MN with good nearby public access for fishing & Ruffed Grouse hunting opportunities. Or take a more expensive (but maybe more rewarding)...
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    Grouse Drumming Counts

    DNR is reporting a 57% increase in the drumming count for 2017. Some of the best drumming numbers over the last two decades. Happy for the pup given the spotty pheasant numbers over the previous 3-4 years. He is at his peak physically so can see us spending a lot of time in in the woods this...
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    Preserve Hunting in March?

    Anybody ever squeeze in some extra hunting time at some of the SD preserves that can remain open until 3/31? Only got to SD once this fall and would consider getting the dog another quick 2-day trip before the end of the month if the time & opportunity worked out. I'm assuming there is likely...
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    Magic Valley Public Hunting Opportunities

    Based on some pretty good reports published by the Idaho F & G I am considering coming out this season and chasing Valley Quail and maybe Huns & Chukar. Is there good public land availability west of Twin Falls and what would be the best resource to identify where any type (BLM, WMA, Access...
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    Grouse Reports

    I know pheasant season is open but I can't be the only one in MN who believes November is for pheasants and October is for grouse. Hard freeze, the leaves are coming down and the bugs are hardly a concern. Have to feel like it is primetime for the next couple of weeks. My report. Had a family...
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    TCBJ Takes a Shot at Dedicated Funding

    Link below. Obviously written to support a pre-established agenda. So much context and critical information that was conveniently left out of the piece.
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    Dust Bowl on PBS

    Ken Burns documentary on the "dirty 30's" airs Sunday & Monday night. Should be interesting and Burns usually does good work. Lots of interviews with individuals who lived through it. Maybe some good insight on what's to come in the next decade?
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    James River CREP Acreage - Anybody Else Underwhelmed?

    Just came back from a quick three-day hunt and spent a lot of time scouting out new public access options since much of my old milk run has gone under the plow. To say the cover on many of the CREP parcels is a disappointment is an understatement. Much of the "upland" acreage in the program...
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    Walleye/Musky Boat

    Work responsibilities have changed and summers are busy. After managing only two fishing trips last year and one this year I have determined it is time to sell the boat. Here are the details: 2001 Tuffy Renegade 1800C Single Console W/Red & Black Polyflake. Single Axle Tuff Trail Bunk Trailer...