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    How deer management in Kansas has effected upland hunters

    Not to derail any other thread, I thought I'd open one just for this topic. I've been out of Kansas for almost a decade. I will be moving back though sometime in 2020. I am looking forward to returning to a state where I do have comparatively easy access to potentially good upland hunting. This...
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    Mo-Skeet-O - Anyone remember it? Time to bring it back!

    I saw Britman's post about the Henry single shot shotgun. They also make a lever action smoothbore .22lr, they call a Garden Gun. I have been researching the old Mo-Skeet-O clay target game. I never got to shoot it but my older brother had a friend with the set up. He shot it. At the time, he...
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    Small Gauge Enthusiasts - 16s, 20s, a 28 and a .410s up for Auction

    One of my best friends went West a while back and the Estate is auctioning off his firearms (and cars and other stuff). Anyway, I know some here really like the smaller gauges and he had several that might be of interest. For example, two Winchester 21s in 16ga. An AYA S/S in 16. A Zabala S/S...
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    Small Gauge Enthusiasts - 15s, 20s, a 28 and a .410

    Please delete this thread; Title is incorrect. I reposted.
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    SD rainfall maps

    Anyone have a link to rainfall maps in SD that show rainfall history? Looking to see what places got moisture during the chick season . Yes our traditional places did not so we're going to have to explore. Thanks
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    Pheasant Recipes from the UK

    Was cruising the web looking at this and that and stumbled across the Shooting UK website. Quite a bit of stuff I enjoyed reading but I also found their recipe section. I know there's a recipe section here but they had one too and they definitely have a few recipes I've never seen but am...
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    Recommendations for Dog Nail Clipper

    Who makes a good dog nail clipper?
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    GF&P, SDSU partnering for five-year project to equip birds with radio collars

    Will be interesting to see what they come up with. Fairly long article but not real specific.
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    Trinity Outfitters, Ennis, Texas. Anyone Used Them?

    My Fellow Texans, I have two young dogs that need more work on live birds. They got to go to South Dakota for ten days with three older dogs this year, so their actual time working birds was about a mere 1/5th of what was available. I have been looking around for a put-n-take in the DFW area...
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    ICE! Bad news for birds....

    Just talked with the folks we know and hunt with in SD. Ice plastered the area. Some places covered with an inch of it. Dead pheasant everywhere. Half the pre-storm number showing up at the cattle feed lots to pick grain. This does not bode well for next year. I'll still be going though.
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    Chestle: About time I introduced myself I guess.

    I've been reading the board for a while and posting a bit. Interesting place. About time I introduced myself. I'm probably one of the older folks on here; been chasing the wiley rooster since 1970. Started out hunting central KS while in college and kept going back no matter where I moved ever...
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    Coming Back to Kansas

    Hi all, I am a former long-time Kansas resident, complete with lifetime Kansas hunting license. The various winds of fortune blew me out of Kansas to a job in Texas quite a few years ago. As a result, I haven't hunted Kansas in many years. Used to hunt the North Central area mostly. I'm...