20 guage sears and roebuck


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Father in law says he has a sears and roebuck 20 gauge pump, thats the only info he has on it, that he would sell for about $150, I was thinking I could give it to my son when hes old enough. Are these in general decent shotguns?


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It is my guess that it was made by Riverside Arms. My first shotgun was a 16 gauge version of that. If it is in good shape it should be a good gun.


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Not sure I would recommend a pump for a youth - they do kick a bit and can be a challenge to shoot. Just my take...


Hi, Winchester also made guns for Sears (The Ted Williams series). It was a Winchester Model 1200, branded the Model 200 by Sears. They had a variable choke device similar to a Polychoke. I had a friend who had the Model 200 and to be honest, it was better quality than the Winchester branded gun. Better wood, blueing was better, just seemed to be a better gun.

Depending on condition, $150 isn't a bad price.

Good Luck!


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I mean no disrespect but I do not understand.

Do you really have to pay your father-in-law $150 for the gun or is he going to gift it to his grandson?

There is no way that I would charge my son-in-law for a gun that would go to my grandchild.

$150 is not a bad price but it is probably a maximum for such a gun. I sold a Sears 12 gauge pump a few years ago for that price... to a stranger.


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Could be a High Standard, if it is a JC Higgins model 20. Some folks think it is one of the best pumps out there.


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thanks guys, looks like i need to stop and take a peak and model number off of it; I already have a single shot New England 20guage I used when i started-and to be honest, i think it kicks more than a 870 20guage-- i figured would suffice until he makes it to a 12guage. Hell, maybe I could buy the gun off of him and use it for grouse hunting!

JS; no worries, kind of thought the same way, but this is a gun my FIL came across, hes one of those guys that buys alot of used stuff at a deal and flips them, mostly cars, and small engines. It wasnt a gun hes had memories with by any means...


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I have a Sears shotgun that works pretty darn good. I think it was made by JC Higgens. Its 12 gauge with a dial-a-prayer choke, the choke still works too. Every now and then my buddies and I will go to the trap range with our "oddest" shotgun and this is my go to.


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I may be incorrect but I think the label “JCHiggins” was what Sears put on them. Kind of like “Kenmore” or “Craftsman”.

After JCHiggins they went to “Ted Williams” I think.

High Standard was most likely the maker of a JCHiggins.
That would make sense why my Sears 12ga says J.C. Higgins on it, but that web page says High Standard made it.