WTS Remington 105 Cti Semi-auto, like new 12 gauge 28" $600

Remington Semi-auto in like new condition 105 Cti. 28" barrels 12 gauge. Works great, only one or two boxes of shells shot through it. It comes with case, paperwork, lock, and 3 chokes. One minor surface scratch on the butt stock.

$600 plus shipping to your FFL.

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I can't seem to give this gun away...Anyone interested in making an offer? Or should I just auction it on Gunbroker?


what do you consider a fair offer? I don't want to insult you. I don't need another 12 gauge but if the price is right. Pm if you perfer.

Brett B

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I've been scouring the internet for one of these, and created a profile here so I could get a hold of you. Is this still for sale? Also, has it had the CTI "2" updates done?

Thank you,