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Guessing it is OK, it they have habitat. I am sure it was hot and dry from early spring until a month ago, they are tough birds, but I am 50 miles from there.

There might not be a ton of Iowa fellas here, only 7 threads under the IOWA forum in the past 6 months.
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I fished Crawford Creek a few times earlier in the year. I either saw, or heard birds each time I was there. I know thats a bit West of Sac County, but its all I've got.
😂 I like that a5 I hunt there every year just thought I would see if their was any body talkin I’ll be out to get some of your pheas in a few days 😎

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There's a group of guys scattered throughout the country, including a goofy springer breeder/trainer from CA, that hunt the Sac Co. area. Listening to him, it sounded like they shot them all last year.

I think it was the same video over and over, rather than a bunch of different clips of different pheasants. I could be wrong.