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Am I the only guy from Washington on here? If there are some other hunters please introduce yourself in this thread. So we can get acquainted. Thank you---Bob
Hi there, I just stumbled onto this website. Last fall I moved from Cheney to Dubuque Iowa to attend seminary. I have spent quite a bit of time hunting around there though. I will let some of my friends from back home know about the site. Dana
Thank you Dana, as you can see there has been a ton of replies.(Joke) Do that please, living where I do I'm not that far away. I go through Cheney a lot during the Bird Season---Bob
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Welcome jeredp, It is very nice to see you here. Keep in touch with us. How is the hatch coming in your area? I hear around here the heavy snow really did a number on our breeding stock. Not many broods being seen at all.....Bob
Does Scappoose count?

I live in Oregon, getting word the the Snake River has a good hatch of chukar this year. I'm trying to get more than one person to confirm that before I start booking vacation time.
I live in Greenacres Washington between Spokane and Post Falls Id.
I have a pair of German Shorthairs and hunt grouse, quail, and pheasants with them. I am also an avid fly fisherman, and spend quite a bit of time guiding fly fishermen on a large ranch in Wyoming each summer.
Good Life

Sounds to me like you are living the life many of us would like to live. Do you take those short hairs out with you on your fly fishing trips?
Huntumup...... My older dog has earned the right to go with me on some trips. The main problem is, in many of the places I guide there's just enough rattle snakes that a dog could get bitten. This dog was bitten when she was 2 years old and I just don't ever want to see that happen to any dog again. I dodged the bullet with her that time.
It's funny that you asked about chukars. Just yesterday I went to Cabelas in Post Falls and talked with a fellow from the Clarkston area that said he had 2 different broods in his yard this summer. He said 20+ chicks. I'm hopeful.
I hunt some on the Snake with a friend who has a boat, and the last couple of years the chukar hunting has been poor. To be honest though, being some what of a lazy soul I tend to stay down low when I hunt on the Snake and just chase quail and pheasants. For me the pheasants have been kind of hit or miss down there, the quail hunting is still pretty good.
I've spent most of the summer in Wyoming and have been home about a week now. We have a lot of city birds around the house ( pheasants and quail) but I've seen very few birds since I got home. I'm afraid the wet spring took a toll here close to home.
What are some of you other guys seeing for brood numbers in other areas of the state?
Hi guys

I live in Western Washington but hunt a fair amount in the Columbia Basin and over in the Spokane area. I have a female black lab coming on to her second season. I haven't seen or heard near as many birds as usual while flyfishing/scouting this year. Hope this spring didn't work em too bad! Nice to see a few other Washington guys here.
I lived on the wet side of Wa for almost 4 years. Been back in Kansas now for awhile, so I've got some good duck hunting holes out there if anybody is interested that I just might give directions to. :D And I'm pretty sure I could tell you where you could find some Harliquins and Old Squaws....

But as far as pheasant hunting goes I never really did much out there, I did go to a pheasant release site one time. And one time only... those places are like a frickin war zone!!
Bob, I found this site just today 12/26. I live in the Vancouver area and have hunted the release sites with flushing dogs years ago and Vizslas for the last 12 years. My dogs do really well on the release sites, and I would like to try them on wild birds some day. However, the more I look at sites like this the more that dream seems to fade. Are there any good places left for wild birds in WA? Even the places that charge for hunting talk about the birds they release. If you have any suggestions I places to try that would be nice.

We also share a great name.

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I thought I posted a lnger reply to this thread earlier and now I don't see it. Bob from the Vancouver area here. I hunt the release sites with my Vizslas.
Bob, the birds over here this year were very few. I only had 1 shot at one all season. Wild birds need a lot of help around here.........Bob
that is what I keep reading about

it seems our game dept could do a better job

lost of wild geese around here, but I don't enjoy sitting in a blind

I don't know how often I will remember to check this site

my e-mail address is salesboat@aol.com