Wild Huns


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First morning out hunting with my pup after our 2500 mile migration from Alaska to our winter home in Montana.
I was surprised the huns were flushing as soon as we crested a rise at 200 yards.
Large coveys in an area I have never seen another hunter.
The last day of the season in December I had coveys flushing at 10-20 yards. . .
Follow up the closest flush we got was 100 yards.
I try to silently use topography to hide our approach and peak over each hill, but no luck this morning.
Six coveys in 3 hours then it got warm and we quit for the morning.
Good first morning humping the hills.
Sure sounds that you found very good numbers and the outlook for you is like WOW. The coveys will likely split up and hold better for you.
I love that challenge of Huns on the wind. Good times ahead. Will be after them in a few weeks.