White Elephant Ranch


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I grew up upland hunting in the 60's & I'm thinking of trying to get out again------One place I hunted back then was White Elephant Ranch----has anyone hunted there ? Has it gone to fee hunting like most places ? kerry
I think it is fee hunting now. It has some very good chukar hunting on it, but not sure if the pheasant numbers are any good.

Either way, I think you will find much of that area is closed to hunting because land has been purchased by a California group.

There is some Welcome to Hunt chukar land off the breaks of the John Day. I wish you luck and welcome back to the sport.

Hey DH------Yeah, I think your right about the pheasants ( my favorite of all bird hunting ) I don't think there's enough crops to hold a lot of birds at Elephant.
If I had lots of cash I would hang out at Highland Hills or something like that, but I don't------so with a heart condition I'll just get to the to the top areas & try my luck. kerry