We saw lots of pheasants in North Central Kansas!

Seriously though... I hunted Lincoln, Russell, Rooks and Lane counties. This is the opposite of hot spotting. We found nearly no birds on WIHA. It was dry and warm which didn't help but we weren't even flushing birds wild at a distance. We hunted so much habitat that was "Ideal" with minimal results.

However we do make great sunrises and sunsets in Kansas.


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yeah I was kidding , but I've found the same thing no birds since the droughts. I am truly stunned at how badly the pheasant population has been decimated in that area.

I even tried putting 5-6 dogs down at the same time just to see if there were birds on the WIHA nothing....and these were very experienced dogs.


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i have a good friend who farms out that way.....the heavy summer rains washed out the nests, he said stay home, except for a smattering of quail.....this just confirms what he said.
The quail we found had already had their covert decimated. We flushed a covey of 3 and one of 5. My guess is that the guys who couldn't find pheasant decided to chase plenty of singles.


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We talked to some guys hunting private land, who were doing ok
Western ness hodgeman walkin was going to give a try. We talked to some guys that did alright in that wind a week ago but they were bunched up or they were not there at all. I think it's pretty spotty.

Carl Spackler

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Took a quick day trip to some WIHA to see if I could get my new pup into some birds. Hunted a couple of fields west of clay center but didn't see a bird.

Went further west past Concorida and the last field of the day I kicked up 4 hens in some CRP next to a corn field. Unfortunately my pup was behind me playing with some bones and was no help in locating the birds.