Want to start bird hunting


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I have a Clumber Spaniel and want to start hunting with her. She is only 6 months old now. Both her parents are certified hunters and our breeder has agreed to pay for her training.

I have never hunted birds, I have deer hunted many years ago. I have done a bit of skeet shooting. I have both a 12GA (Browning A5) and a 20GA (Mossberg 500).

I live in Fredericksburg VA.

The questions I have are do I have to hunt on private reserves or can I hunt in one of the many Wildlife Management areas in the state?

I am really starting at ground zero. I am looking for something to do with my dog that is challenging and exciting for both of us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


David 1st welcome to the forum and uph. 2nd this forum doesnt get much traffic ( the va forum). you might want to post this in the introduction forum at the top of the home page. It will get more attention. :thumbsup: