Truck is loaded and ready to roll to SD!


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Getting off work today around 2:30, running home to grab my dog, and a few remaining things to put in the cooler, etc.

Can't wait to leave this damn city to go live in the country for a few days.

Hunting Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and coming home Tuesday.

I know there are places we can't hunt that we've been hunting for years, due to them now being ponds/lakes.

Hunting 99% private land, and there is a nice section of public land we can also hunt.

Weather will be anything from 60 degrees all the way down to high of 16 degrees on Monday. Crazy temperature swings!!!!

Hope everyone that's going out has a safe trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Good Luck to all!!!!!

Take care of those dogs!!!!!!!! They are special.