Trip report, tale of two halfs


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Was out for our annual earlyish December trip to Eastern SD. 4 guys, 5 dogs

Saturday and Sunday, the weather was quite enjoyable. Sunny, little wind, but the birds were jumpy as hell. Success was limited, slow to be honest. All depended on if we had a blocker and where we put him... and how he shot. Lots of long hail mary shots and only 2 birds harvested per day.

Monday and Tuesday, the sleet / snow / wind from the giant storm came in. We got a few comments from locals how nuts we were to be out there, but the birds held tight, the dogs worked em up, and the shooting.... well it was similar but we had many more chances to make it happen. Monday 7 birds, Tuesday 11 birds and 6 wednesday for 2 quick hours before the drive home of 5 hours in crappy weather.

Quite the experience, but incredibly rewarding. My dog is really coming along for a 1.5 year old pup. Retrieves perfectly to hand now, which is of no reflection of his dumb owner. Still ranges a bit when they run, but has an incredible nose.

One concerning observation is the amount of slews being cut and trying to get converted to farmland. Pheasant hunters need to start praying for more rain... gotta keep those lowlands wetter.

Great trip as always, sad to be back home and looking forward to a January trip if life allows it.
them sloughs are full of snow now and will catch lots more over the next months. now its extreme survival mode for the wildlife w the bitter cold coming next week