Tough Weekend

I usually love hunting the first snow. This weekend was rough though, Saturday I hunted spots that I thought would be a quick limit for sure. We shot one rooster, Belle caught one, 1 quail, and jumped 7 hens. Every bird held foe solid points which was fun to watch.
This morning I went out after church and ended up with my three bird in about 2 hours. My legs are feeling it, that wet snow is a calorie burner for sure.

This makes all the pains worth it though! :cheers:
Not quite as staunch as you pointer guys might like but for a lab it doesn't get much better.


Looks like tough walking... 1 bird is better than none! :) I cut a hunt short on Fri when this little storm blew in. Hopefully most of the snow will be gone shortly. Nice pic!


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Hey RiverHunter55,

I would take that point any day!:) Your dog and something to be proud of! I am with you on the tough conditions. I fear that if we get a crust on this snow we may be "out of the hunt" for awhile.


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Not sure what part of that report was the rough weekend but thats a winner in my book! Your pup looks like he has that bird 'pinned' !!
It looks like all of our snow will be gone by Wednesday. Hopefully I can fit in a hunt or two in between the holiday get together's this weekend. It looks like the weather should be nice.