To many hunters


I always say go but go alone with your dog there is nothing like walking out there just you and your dog.
While I do love sharing the field with my aging Father, I could not agree more with this statement. Sometimes when its just the dogs and I, I forget to shoot...but, I'd likely miss anyways. Soon my oldest boy will be ready to hunt. I look forward to that day.


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I'm not convinced reducing the daily bag limit would reduce hunter numbers. As a lifetime Montanan and avid bird hunter, I've seen a continual increase of hunting pressure to the upland bird resource in MT.
Today quick access to accurate landownership maps (onx maps), a popular Block Management Program, large tracts of Federal and State owned land, low hunter numbers relative to many mid-west states and the internet/ social media have all contributed to growing hunter numbers. Every hunter has to decide when expenditures exceed gratification.
While you are probably correct in reducing hunter numbers, is he instead saying that reducing bag limits may provide more opportunities for more people to harvest birds longer into the season on public? That's just my 2 cents. If it's anything like Iowa however, you rarely see people limiting on public ground for roosters, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen public land limits with 2+ people.


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Too Many Hunters,

This happened to Kansas years ago. I hunted there for at least 25 years. Public ground hunting was excellent when I first started. Word got out on the net and here came the buses of hunters. Kansas is very hit or miss now due to over hunting and lost of CRP ground. I hunted in the great state of Montana years back. We didn't see a lot of hunters then. I'm sure you will see a decline in birds.


I suggested lowering the limit on Huns and Sharptails to protect the birds not to reduce hunters. I dont see the need to kill 4 Sharptails a day or 8 Huns Although I have never seen anyone get that many Huns. However I have seen large groups of hunters getting the limit on sharptails day after day I dont see a need for that 2 would be a better number and cut down on shooting doubles in the long run less birds overall taken.
One cannot stockpile birds. If numbers are elevated then limits should follow and vice versa. We as hunters are most dependent on the hatch of the year and not the adult carry over birds. If the hunters do not harvest the bonus surplus, then nature will by local climate conditions. The blizzard in ND will have an impact, hopefully not long lasting. Enjoy the surplus while it lasts. We all have seen the highs and lows. Until we control the climate to maximize bird populations, we have to adjust accordingly. Now who makes the rules is another discussion.