Thanksgiving Week Hunting


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According to everything I've heard, this week was to be the last week of pheasant releases on the east side of the state. Since I didn't have anything better to do and, the wild birds have been few and far between (at least close to Spokane) I hunted every chance I could.
This year so far the release sites have been a savior for me as far as pheasant hunting goes. The thing I really like about the WDFW is that they don't publish when they will be stocking pheasants. Where I grew up in Ohio everyone who wants to know, knows when the birds are planted, and trust me it's a real zoo the day that happens. The way Washington does things it spreads the birds out over a longer time frame, and makes for much better and safer hunting.
All together this week I hunted 5 days on 2 different sites and got into birds each day I hunted. 4 of the 5 days I bagged a limit and the day I didn't I should have. I guess because of the bad weather I saw very few hunters last week, on Thanksgiving Day I saw only 3 other hunters the 3 hours I hunted.
Well done, Gator! I'll give it a go this week.

Nice photos... looks like far east part of state. Heading out for Othello area in AM, expecting another good hunt
Been tough lately . . . there are wild birds around, but they're big runners this late in the season. We've averaged 3 or 4 birds flushed in-range out of 12 - 20 seen over the last few trips & you DO put some miles on. The Touchet or Dayton area has birds, but access along the Touchet is tough to gain this late in the season. Go on-line and look at the release sites.

Big time track meet today..........snow was very noisy and hard on the dogs. If melting continues it will help,
Huntingready..... If I were you I would look at the WDFW Feel Free to Hunt site, and start looking at ground in Grant, Adams, Franklin, and Walla Walla counties. In my opinion the futher south you get the more birds your'e going to see.
Now to be honest I don't use the WDFW program for getting ground to hunt on but, if you don't have good private ground lined up before the season starts it's generally pretty hard to get permission, once the season starts.
I hear alot of people saying how few birds there are and, over all that's the case, especially close to my Spokane area home. That said I've found a couple of areas in the south/central part of the state that still have a LOT of birds. If you really want to kill many birds you'll have to do some off season prospecting.
I'm still finding quite a few birds but, I'm doing a lot of driving to do it and I'm finding the same thing as koja48, most are pretty wild this time of year. I put the mod. choke tube in the BUL a couple of weeks ago.
Good luck.....Gator