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My brother and myself were out hunting yesterday in Cass city on state land... My brother with his English setter Gypsy and me with a Brittany Fred... The day started out slow and we were thinking oh well then both dogs got birdy and then there beeper went off on point... Fred was on point with Gypsy honoring I moved in and up goes a hen. Few minute later Gypsy got hot again and we got set up and its a hen again...The dogs seem to like the area so we stood fast and let them scout for a while they found nothing... Dogs found a creek with a little open water and got a drink and were ready again... We started in a new field and just in a few yards and Fred gets hot and Gypsy the same but in different direction my brother stay on Fred me on Gypsy... I see Fred lockup and my brother moves in up go a rooster and he downs it with Fred retrieving... We start back to the truck with a couple more pointed hens not a bad day for state land in all 5 hens and 1 rooster
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