Spring bird numbers

Rude One

What are people seeing for the bird numbers that made it through the winter? It should have been pretty easy on them as far as the snow was concerned. I haven't had a chance to get out and about much just wondering what people are seeing.
The easiest winter I can remember, the drought continued right through the winter. The temps were a roller coaster, a few days below zero followed by a week of warmer than normal temps. Seeing plenty of birds. Last spring/summer was way hot and DRY, those chicks that living through that are tough! I guess I will take a hot & dry over a cold & wet nesting season...guessing the birds would too.

Glock, where are you located? Seems you left that out of your brief bio...unless it is a secret.
My wife is a traveling therapist and she has been in Marshall and Granite Falls alot this spring. Every morning she calls me and tells me about all the pheasants she is seeing so must be pretty good numbers in that area.
The easiest winter I can remember
Ummm, maybe we are referring to a different part of the state but the area I hunt was hammered with snow and cold for almost 4 months. The snow just recently all melted less than 2 weeks ago. Not every pheasant hunter goes to Southwest MN for birds.
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My buddy was out by Hutch and he seen a pile of roosters, no hens. I'm guessing the hens were there but their natural camo is so much better. Fingers crossed for weather that benefits pheasants and the hatch the rest of the way.
Cruising (45 mph) down a country road yesterday, I spotted a couple roasters in a field, just off the ditch, in 4-5 inch of new grass. I was just about to pass them by when, I spot a hen 3-4ft to the side of them. Then, poof, she's gone...sat right down, and instantly out of site. If she had been any farther from the roasters, I'd never seen her. ! It's no wonder we don't see many hens...shy little birds, them hens.