spring 2020

this was one of the more enjoyable pheasant hunting season than i have had since the 80's. and my o my, it sure doesn't seem like he hurt the population much, this late winter there was birds everywhere, and now in the evenings the roosters are really calling. i hope and pray we don't have a wet spring !!!! My area , this could be a BIG year. stay safe.
It does look like a good spring following a mild winter. I hope the forecasted Easter Sunday snowstorm does not screw it up.


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one snowstorm is not likely to matter much.....old sol will come out quickly and fix things, this time of year.


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Hoping the weather stays warm and mild. We saw more birds on our annual trip to Iowa than in the last ten years. If there is a good hatch and carryover this year , this fall could be increadable.Great thing about hunting Iowa, its very easy to social distance:thumbsup:


I agree, it could be an incredible season this fall. My GSP is turning 12 years old soon, he still is going strong, hoping it continues.