south west michigan bird hunters


I live in the Sister Lakes area and kind of gave up knocking on doors for permission to hunt around here. I insted drive up to the Luther area to grouse and woodcock hunt do a little preserve hunting at a place called rolling hills in Marcellus I am always looking for someone to go with me cause most of my friends are all deer hunters or golfers. I wouldnt mind meeting a few people who wouldnt mind taking a trip north with me for a day maybe we could hunt the preserve together to se if we get along ok before commiting to an all day adventure.

I hunt a 10 year old setter who isnt the best retriever and likes to get out of range every once and a while isn't the best dog out there but I haved seen a whole lot worse. my dog is 10 years old and has had 5 trips to South Dakota and one to the UP and probably 75 trips to the hunting preservse and a bunch of trips to the Luther area so he isn't a rookie by all means
come on guys or gals isnt anyone looking for a hunting partner just for one day even. you never know I could lead other hunters to some good hunting.I just get tired of taking the long drive up north all by myself I don't mind talking to the dog he is a great listener just doesnt talk back much. I hope to maybe set up something with someone from the area and if we end up becoming freinds I would most likely invite them on the anual SD hunt that me and my freinds go on. Plus i'm getting tired of looking on this web site every other day just to see no one has anything to say to me.
How far over are you in southwest Mich.? I live in Northeast Indiana. Is there a place in between we could meet at? I know there are some places around Goshen,Elkhart and Valparaiso areas that are preserve hunts. Let me know how you want to go. Phil
come on guys or gals isnt anyone looking for a hunting partner just for one day even.'re on the Michigan thread. I started a thread a few weeks ago in regards to the pheasant program in MI. I think I have one response. Same thing happens on the Illinois threads too.

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I will let you know

I think a preserve hunt to get to know each other would be good and if things go well. Right now I have to work on Saturdays so would Sundays be ok for you

I will let you know for sure about hunting up north for some grouse and woodcock. The grouse season opens Sept 15th and woodcock I think about a week later. We will have alot of leaves still on the trees witch makes for some tough shooting and the wheather could be awfull warm but I never come home empty handed.