South Central

Well I can't say we didn't see Phez. We saw one crossing the road driving into the IHAP we were hunting. We chased that bird 847 yards, according to OnX. It got up wild, about 80 yards away. The bird flew across the railroad tracks. So no go.
Almost as if on cue it started to rain. We hunted another couple hours watching birds get up in the distance, but spooky as can be. After one instance I called the dog back in and she had what looked like a snake bite on her lower jaw. Weird since it was 40 degrees and raining. Very swollen with a big hard lump. Knowing defeat when I taste it, we loaded up and headed home. This morning the dogs swelling was going down and she seemed to be fine.
Rust, I hope you can get out and wash that taste of defeat out with a big slice of success on the final day of season. You guys got the snow also, I assume....and have sub-arctic temps closing in on you. This will be a death sentence to more than I few quail I am guessing. It shows here, 4 days in a row with temps not getting above ZERO. From Friday night until Wednesday afternoon, not above ZERO...this is a tough stretch on anything except a musk ox maybe.