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Well, we've had a few days of a season so far, anyone have a report on what they are seeing out there?

I hunted some of the usual haunts between Moses Lake and Soap Lake, and saw a fairly impressive number of birds, like my earlier prediction, the quail are freakin' prolific, the wild pheasant that I saw were in decent numbers as well, from what I could tell, few, if any, of the areas had planted birds, thus far, I am pretty excited about the prospects this year in the Basin.
I'm happy to hear someplace has some birds the. Eastern area south of Spokane is very spotty. But no place more than a few birds that I have found......Bob
I did pretty good in the Quincy lakes area and the Wenchester Wasteway, though the weather was tough opening week. I usually start opening weeked in the Colfax Pullman area and if I take the boat I run up the snake from Boyer park on the Lower Granite to the rice flats.