Something new at Drummond Flats - WMA

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Arrived at Drummond Flats around 8:30 am. Parked in the car lot, let the dog out (GSP) to do his business. He rides in the back seat of my station wagon. I was unzipping my shotgun case as well as getting water for the hunt. I thought it a little odd GunnR never returned to the car to wait on me. I got around and rolled out of the vehicle and started across the road still not seeing GunnR. I called, still no dog. As I was crossing the road to the field, I thought maybe he's behind the car out into an adjacent field. I stated back and as I was looking I spotted him on pointed about 30 ft from the vehicle. I moved in and no bird, they had run.
He started to work them and about 45 yds from his original point he locked, down & up came the first rooster and down he went. As GunnR moved in for the retrieve a second rooster flushed further out. I pulled on him but decided to hold off because the first rooster was slightly hit and probably a runner. I didn't want my GSP to pull up from the wounded one and the possibility of losing both. (One in the hand is better than two in the bush.) After the retrieve we continued hunting, w/one hen pointed and two others bumped.
Never had that happen in 60 yrs of pheasant hunting, including SD where I grew up hunting and go back hunting each year for 10 days. 😯

If GunnR could speak your language, he might have told you to park closer to pheasants in the past.

Whole thing probably seemed practical and simple to him.

Nice work (both of you).

Got out today at 8:45a.m. Walked 1 1/2 - 2 hrs, GunnR pointed a rooster, dropped a leg on the first shot, dropped him on the second. He pointed a second rooster but had my safety on and by the time I got it off it was too far.
Hey, I'm not complaining though, after all this is north central Oklahoma where there are relatively few birds.
Oh, by the way, it's my 75th birthday today and GunnR gave me a birthday present 👍🙂.
This morning while hunting at Drummond Flats I shot my 4th rooster of the season. GunnR was working out to my left when he pointed, I moved in but the wily rooster wasn't having it as he was on the move. GunnR worked the area as I just stood and watched, in short order he pointed again this time he had him set. I walked in and up he came. I fired as he was flying straight away, feathers flew but he kept flying, as I stood watching about 150 - 200 yds out he started an upward trajectory and the he just crumpled and came down. I marked him, but GunnR was running as he was flying and had him located by the time I made it over to where he had fallen. A beautiful, mature 2nd yr bird w/long hooks that were white on the ends. Saw one other that GunnR was working but got too close and busted him out of shot range. Those were the only two of the day that we saw. I shot the rooster about 9:30am.
Always great time in the field, never saw another hunter, we hunted about 2 hours. IMG_20230109_091257.jpg