Small, but meaningful steps in training


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Maggie is a 7 year old ESS who hadn't been trained, other than socialization. I've had her about 2 months, and have been working steadily, if slowly,100_0053.JPG

to get her to work with me. Fetching was often confusing to her, so I went to kitchen training, making it play, then play with some insistence on obedience, then play with some occasional rewards. She's getting the idea and starting to enjoy it. I'm hoping to take it from a game to a job she enjoys. It occurs to me I'm not just training a dog, but making her a partner--a status she hadn't had in her life-to-date.

We went outside with the retrieving dummy yesterday, after working with tennis ball, bouncy plastic containers, and the dummy (the RETRIEVING dummy) in the kitchen. I apologize in advance for the quality, my first use of a video option in a somewhat primitive Kodak easy-share camera was a failure; something about MOV format to a posting-compatible format needed.

The achievement will mean little to folks who've started from puppy hood, but this older dog has been puzzled by a lot of the actions and commands I've been presenting her with it. Her ESS disposition has been of great benefit in taking in daily exposure to a new world and becoming a constant companion.


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She will get it. Just takes a little longer when they get a late start on life. I bought my current Brittany when she was 6 months old. Hadn't had a lot of socialization and didn't know a thing. Didn't even have a name. She's turned out great, smart as a whip and the most loving dog I've ever had.