single hunter with G.S.P. looking to hook up with a group pheasant hunting in S.D.


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Hi everyone, i'm another rookie to this site and looking to hook up wth a group of 2-8 pheasant hunters heading to S.D. I'M 48 YRS. young:10sign: and have hunted in the huron area back in 08-09. i'll be traveling from jersey. best dates will be from oct-nov. for 5 to maybe 10 days private land would be the goal. so if anyone needs an extra hunter and good pointer please let me know. if so I will share the expense for the hunt trip lodging food gas etc. I love to wild bird hunt but don't have that luxury out in my neck of the woods. i'm an ethical hunter like to have a good time and just may make you laugh at the moment of a flush.:eek:.....not ....just a good sense of humor. thanks again and good luck to those who are traveling:cheers:


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Don, I live in Jersey too. I'm in south jersey, Washington twp Gloucester county. Always looking for fellow bird hunters as I seem to be the only one I know that hunts.


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Heading up to the Huron area on 10/31/18 with a buddy of mine he and I are going to hunt all public land and will have 3 dogs between the two of us.

Feel free to contact me and we can meet you in the Wal-Mart parking lot the morning of 11/01/18 in Huron as we have a favorite spot within a mile or two.