Silent command training.


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Have any of you all read the Delmar Smith book on silent command training. Not necessarily the Rick and Ronnie DVDs. I understand the book is well written?. Would it be any use to a retriever, flushing dog guy? When people speak of Delmars book, are they talking of the Tarrant book?
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Dunno about Silent Command but I do know about silent/pretend, no- hear- me response.

My silent command is the tickle on the collar when"indifferent dog" does his own thing...but I suppose nobody has had that experience.
HI Brown dog can, been to 2 of the Rick Smith " Huntsmith" seminars, think they are really worth while..... that said to answer your questions, YES , what they teach applies to all dogs, the basics of the entire system is to go with you, and come to you, with out YELLING, Whistles, etc.... it is a system Delmar learned from Cueing horses, and applied to canines... Where do it apply to retrievers? the second phase teaches retriever's to Sit on flush, shot.... thru the cues....
I haven't read the Tarrant book, written with Delmar verbalizing, for 25 years, probably should read it again... the videos do a good job of giving the basics, the seminar teaches. However ... it is fun to see where it started watching Delmar's video... Jon no disrespect intended, however your response was funny! dusting