Should I buy hip boots for my December trip this year?


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I'm really starting to like this idea. :rolleyes: Not necessarily for cold weather/water, but early season maybe.
I don't see where it says they fit over boots, & I don't think they're designed to.
But if I got some little wading shoes, like these, to wear over the sock part....
We might be onto something here. :cheers:
So I get through the slough, carrying my gun & boots, & hopefully don't lose the wading shoes in the muck.
Then I get out & find a place to change back into my boots. Shoes & lower foot or so of the waders are going to be covered in muck.
So after you try to get off as much muck as possible, you're going to want a garbage bag to put them in while you hunt. intend to cross that spot again & just leave the messy stuff there to put on again when you return. (done that many times w/ regular waders)
This would SOOOO not be the craziest thing I've done to try to shoot a pheasant. :10sign:

I would probably turn them inside out for the hunt, might also make it easier to get back into them for the return...assuming I have to get out the same way I got in. But the garbage bag idea is a great idea too.

Reviews have been pretty spotty; seems you either get a pair that doesn't leak, or a pair that does. If it's a minor wet spot, no biggie for me; if it floods a leg, that's different. Although, some years back I broke through ice with one leg all the way to my crotch; got out, pant leg froze up in literally seconds, but my poly-pro long johns kept me hunting until I got back to the truck.

I'm with you on the "over the boots" part, but that's what was described on the podcast, and obviously in their advertising. I firmly believe they're meant to be "one and done", lucky if you get two out-n-back cycles out of them. Who knows; I've spent $20 on dumber stuff than this, so I'll give them a whirl this year.