Shooting with Progressive Bi-Focals


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Last year about this time, I questioned other hunters about trying to shoot with progressive bi-focals. The responses were quite varied, everything from no problem, to impossible. Last year my shooting was so-so, and i began to wonder myself. But i shot about 700 clays over the summer and my distance vision is fine. So I thought there's no reason why i cant shoot with progressive bi-focals. So I gave it another go this year and my shooting was about as good as i could ever ask for. O sure, there were a good 4 or 5 shots that i would like to have back. But all in all i was quite pleased. However, if your finding it impossible to shoot with bi-focals i would never disuade someone from getting a plain prescription pair of good quality shooting glasses. Quality shooting glasses are a good idea even for those who dont need presription lenses. Since one of the more common accidents in pheasant hunting is a pellet to the eye. Im willing to concede that most of the problem last year may have been in my head, but as my grandmother used to say, "Yes, but if its in my head then its not in my foot." Just letting you guys know that shooting with progressive bi-focals can be done. Best of luck to all of you with middle-aged eyes!