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I like hunting Sharpies. Not a challenging bird to shoot on the wing but wary prey since they are always on the lookout. Plenty of walking involved!

We saw some singles and a couple groups of 6 & 8.

I shot my Charles Daly 12ga Feather Weight with paper hull shells #6 shot that I hand loaded for us. 980290DB-C25F-4A67-930B-162CAF1EDB15_1_105_c.jpeg

My friend and I got into pretty good numbers of them this morning. Four shot at with three in the bag. My dogs had fun. Lab made nice retrieves.


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Right in the middle of beautiful country with birds, a great dog, and bird gun. That is the right way to "get your steps in."


I have a nice Columbian Sharptail mounted I shot in the Ririe area on one of my first trip to Idaho from Michigan around 2000, My wife and I shot Blue, Ruffed and Sage grouse on that hunt along with Hun's and Chukar. That was over our first pair of Setters, we bought a place in Challis the following Spring and moved there in 2007 for 12 years went thru five more Setters. Tried my last year there 2019 for Sharptails with no luck.