Sharptail Grouse

Sharptails are my favorite game bird to eat. I treat the breast filets like steaks- light coating of olive oil, montreal steak seasoning, then into a hot pan just long enough to be medium rare. Absolutely delicious to me.
I do the same thing but with mexican seasoning instead of steak seasoning, then slice into strips for fajitas as well.
I also made a creamy pasta dish with some a few days ago. I’m in the middle of a 2-week hunt in ND, so I’m eating quite a few of them.
lots of good ideas for cooking sharps
Lots of mothers and grandmothers overcooked venison, duck, goose, etc at some point and turned the family off to it…too lean to cook any other way but rare, med rare…true for sharpies, IMO…
I remember it just wasn’t wild game. I can remember pork chops that were so overcooked that us kids called them tire patches because our teeth weren’t strong enough to bite through them.