Sept - Oct 2020 Hunt or training in NE, ND, SD or E WY?


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Anyone on here planning on making any trips to Nebraska, ND, SD or Eastern Wyoming?

I'm near Topeka KS and have a dog I'm pretty excited about - adopted him last year from someone that passed away and he was a field trial prospect - I got him on wild birds in KS for 22 or so days. He came on towards the end - pretty smart dog. Past couple of days the little shit has figured out how to open the gate so I've got to figure something out on that - good thing is so far he just wants to come hang out in the garage and not really take off.

I'm hoping to buy another 1-3yr old started dog by then as well.

Just looking to get out of KS in Sept-Oct timeframe before our seasons open up to somewhere cooler to run dogs if a season isn't open or hunt if a season is open. I have a couple of buddies I hunt with a lot here in KS but dont think they'll be able to get away or have much desire to travel out of state. Figured it's easier with at least 2 people.

I can go off and work the dog alone watch yours work etc - I dont care - I'm about being outside and the experience and watching the dogs learn - any of those states would be new hunting to me - I've only hunted OK and KS. And northeast NM if you count antelope.

If the dog breed matters to you I've got a setter and whatever I buy will be another English Setter. I dont say much to my dogs - use Garmin GPS - I'm not a hard ass on stop to flush etc - if they back I try to bring that out in them and I love it when my dogs relocate on birds - if they dont do that by themselves we wont find many quail or pheasants where I hunt at.

Good Boy!

I'll be in SD around Oct20-30 approximately.
Hope to stay mobile and hit several areas from Mitchell to Redfield and in between....
I see you posted in July so.,...