Seeking a NON compact Pointing Lab female Pup .Yellow.


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Not quite sure where to post this so I'll start here.
I put a thread up a few weeks ago about my search for a Female Yellow Pointing Lab pup. I want to sincerely thank those who sent me suggestions. My search is still ongoing.

My dilemma is this. It is obvious that many of the top kennels and breeders are going for smaller and more compact labs and I understand and can appreciate many of the reasons why. I have personally been spoiled in that I feel I have the best of both worlds in my current male Lab. He is about 75lbs, lean but tall, long, lanky and still has some of the english block head. He can run all day!
My hope is to find a pup that will develop with some of these characteristics. FYI-Breeding my male is not an option.

I know that my criteria is getting very specific but hope someone may have or know a breeder, kennel or litter that has the characteristics I am looking for in a top notch dog.

In my perfect world the sire will be a current GMPR and dam at least CPR or higher.

Thanks very much for any suggestions.


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My nephew bought a pointing lab in Arkansas - 4 years ago, from a breeder. She a female and I've hunted with her for the past four years. I would say a mid-size dog - 60-65 lbs..

If Arkansas works for you, I'll gladly pass on my nephew's name et al.


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Brad, have you had any success with your search? I know Chris Wilson at granite ledge kennels has an 80lb male he studs for a pointing lab.


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I have a 2 year old red male that weighs in at 85lb and he is not carrying any extra weight. I bought him from Turkey Creek labs located in SW MN. I am real happy with both his confirmation and performance.