Season Update


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I would like to take a little time to share some of my experiences from the season so far so here it goes!

It's been a completely different season so far..Dugan no longer here still stings and to be honest with is difficult to talk or even think about. However, I know for a fact that he is still with us in spirit so that's why we carry on.

So far..we have used this opportunity to explore new areas and will continue to do so in future and if we happen to get on birds it will be a bonus! We haven't come across any new pockets of wild birds yet but the season is still young.

I just spoke to a family friend that was up in Bradford County today hunting a place we had told him about last year and he had come back empty handed but enjoyed himself none the less. He missed two..a rooster and a hen and get this..on the way back flushed a grouse and let it go. I couldn't help but laugh..he didn't understand and I left it at that!

No matter what day of the week..we have seen people out and about and the gamelands parking lots full of cars. We have noticed a steady increase from year to year in hunter participation and I think that's great even if it means we have to try a little harder to avoid the crowds.

It will be very interesting to see how the season continues and how we can continue the progress from years past into the next season. Hopefully, we will have a pheasant stamp soon..that should silence some critics for good and I know we would all appreciate that. Maybe next year there will be a limited season in one of the WPRA's..that would be a dream come true for so many! Anyways..I am excited for what the future has to offer..keep the pictures and reports coming! Good luck the rest of the season!


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Glad to hear you're still getting out and stretching those legs. I'll keep the reports coming and I'm sure the others will, too.

Maybe we can get out for a flushing survey this year. Hopefully the weather is more cooperative.


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Glad to hear also your getting out I'm heading Friday to Bradford county to poke around set trail cams maybe little turkey hunting saturday but leaving drake home to spend time with my dad.


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Keep getting out, it'll get better! We've haven't gotten out as much because of family issues but it's still been a good season.