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Anyone getting much luck out of the release areas in Waukesha and surrounding counties?

I've taken three from the Scup. but none since early November. I know releases really taper off now after gun deer season, but come on. By the numbers on the stocking sheet, there should be enough birds in Scupernong to limit every time.

I'm thinking of switching things up and checking out Jefferson Marsh, Rome, maybe down to the Walworth Co. locations, if nothing more than just a change in scenery? Any recommendations on locations and parking spots?


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I was out to vernon yesterday and my dog never got on anything. I thought they may release after deer season but so far they havent. Not sure where to try as this year seems to have been slower than past years. Not sure those numbers are accurate!!


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Ive seen a few Wild West reports from Bong. I havent hunted there in a dozen years as I value my life but its by far the largest release site.


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I'd say my numbers are down. Didn't get out much over the holiday, but I've only shot 5-6 bird so far this year. Don't know if stocking numbers have changed, or where they stock. Dog was birdy twice this morning, but after 40-50 yards the scent trail ends. Don't know if if possibly they stocked earlier this week? Property I was on this morning only had 2 other cars when I got back around 9:30. I didn't hear a shot all morning.


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I was out twice this week. Wednesday morning for a couple hours at Scuppernong and Friday at Rome (like I suggested in the op) and Scup (I some how couldn't resist staying away???). No signs at either and very few other hunters.

Each time I'm out, other guys talk about stocking and knowing when/where birds will get released and always ask me as if I have any insight? Other than the stocking sheet, how would one get such insider info?


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By hunting during the week and seeing the truck.

Plenty of guys know when to hunt based on what days they stock where. I've played that game but it's pretty lame and if you can do that you can go outwest.


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according from what ive heard from hear say from thr state game farm. The last birds are released week after gun deer season.