SD hunter needed!


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Posted this to the new member area but thought best to put it up here, too.
The quick stats: I'm 38 and grew up in Nebraska, moved to Oregon, now headed back home this week for a road trip up to South Dakota with my 3 year old WPG for her first crack at wild roosters!
Looks like the weather is gonna be nasty, but we're ready.
We have a place reserved through U-Guide for four guys this weekend (Nov 13-16). My dad was scheduled to hunt with us (myself and two other fellas) but unfortunately we got news a few days ago that he needs a minor heart procedure. He couldn't be more bummed.
Anyway that makes us short at least one hunter. If anyone (or possibly two...I'll need to confirm with U-Guide) might be interested for a short-notice weekend hunt at a discount (we already paid for his spot and are just trying to recoup what we can), let me know. We're hunting near Lake Andes. Let me know if anyone has any questions.