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Went out this morning, what a disappointment! Never saw a bird. Wondering how hard you have to hunt to find em? Was in good habitat and weather was good, except could use some snow. Came all the way from Colorado to at least see birds and nothin! I won't give up though, gonna try tomorrow and maybe the luck will change. Good luck to all!:confused:

Congrats!! Will be heading to the southern part of the state tomorrow to try my luck beforeI head back! Sounds like you've had a good year!:cheers:

6 hens

no birds for Jack today 6 hens Jack had fun but dose not get why we do not shoot some of the looks we got where pirceless :confused: hope the snow helps
One for JACK

One bird for JACK to day out about 3 hours snow helped need more!!!!:D JACK retrieved bird to hand :10sign: for jack :cheers:
Out about 3 hrs. today. 1 hen!! SAD, SAD, SAD! Not even seeing roosts! Going back to Co. Wed. and then back to Kansas for some action. Good luck.:cheers:

Good luck on you venture out Fri.! Hope the weather is in your favor. Would have liked to got out this morning, got a little snow, maybe 1 inch., but the schedule was not in my favor. Leaving tomorrow, was planning on heading to N. Dakota for a 2 day hunt, but I aint driving there now with the weather. Just gonna head back to Colorado and plan some hunts there and Kansas. Good luck the rest of the year. Go RemingtonJack Go!!!!!:thumbsup:

where are you at in mi if the wind dose not start mybe we can meet for a hunt latter today ?

I am in Adrian. But the wind is screamin right now here, and aint suppose to let up! I do appreciate the thought though. Maybe next year we'll have a chance.:cheers: