Ruffed grouse vs sharp tail grouse


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Hi I just started grouse hunting last fall when I was in the UP I was wondering since there are both types of grouse up there how do you tell them apart before shooting, you only get a few seconds and looking a picture there is not much difference with there looks. Is there a better way then just waiting for the time when they are both in season and figure it out after they are on the ground and stoping when you hit one limit. I don't want to break any laws and I'm fairly concerned about this
Ruffed grouse will have fan shaped tail, with a black band running about a inch from the end of the tail. Sharps have a more pointed tail you can look at them on the web. When on the ground the ruffed has a squared off or blunt tail, the sharp is pointy. Michigan does have a sharp season in the eastern portion of the UP.
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Thank-you that dose help I have been looking at pictures of both for a while. I'm just unsure of my ability to identify them in a second when they get flushed I only hunted grouse when both season were open for fear of making a mistake once again thank you for the info
The way I'm reading Michigan laws is I can train my dog on public land from April 17 - July 7 with non-native birds such as chukars. Dose that mean I can plant chukars on game area then hunt them? And dose this also applie to private land?
Once you flush a few sharpies you will be able to recognize them pretty easy, like it was said they have a pointed tail and are in the open.
Sharptails make a little chuckle when taking flight, plus they pump there wings different and fly a good long ways most times.