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Drove up to Clark county on the 26th of October,We were there duck hunting this trip, not pheasant hunting.12 days. Here is some insight to what we saw, heard. very little corn or beans are out.Our farming friends are all waiting on the freeze to take hold.there is a lot of water, closed roads, and un- planted fields.Very few cock birds crowing at first light, maybe heard 7,8 for the whole 12 days we were there, usually quite a bit more in the early mornings.Driving around was a bit more productive,we probably saw 20 cock birds during our stay, but 10 of those birds were in one thicket.I'm not sure of what to think, I believe there's some birds in the corn, and beans. And for once there's a lot/a lot of cattails. so cover for the winter should be decent.But farmers are farmers, and if they have the opportunity to disk/and plow those un-planted fields they will.Clark county isn't a pheasant hunters dream spot, but always have fun there, we've met some fantastic people there. I will say this, I saw a lot of pheasant company trucks, with crates of cock birds running west on 212, good or bad that's the truth. I think in South Dakota this year you'll find decent pockets of birds,but it will be more challenging than normal, but isn't that why we go?Have a great hunt.