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Our own homegrown Road/Field Survey. Thought it would be interesting, to see if or where there are any birds. No need to be specific, just general area, district or county.
Good Luck!:)

I'm not out looking for pheasants but I do drive around during work mostley in Berrien and Van Burren counties. I have not seen a pheasant dead or alive in over two years. I know we have a few around but I gave up getting access to private land a long time ago.

Up north for me for the grouse and woodcock.
Michigan pheasant sightings, almost as rare as bigfoot sightings. Yes there are some birds, but I see more bald eagles than pheasants. Last winter I saw maybe 6 birds in the thumb, and I put on a lot of miles. Sad but true. I put my time in for grouse and go west for pheasants.
Sounds like we follow the same path. I look forward to my annual trip to S.D., even with numbers way down last year, it's still great. Just curious if anyone is seeing any birds at all in our neck of the woods?:)