Rate your 2020 season


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Ice fishing has been pretty darn good this year. Fish biting each time out, not much snow and no slush, and weather nice enough not to require a house for a little 2-3 hour trip towards dark.

Even went to Mille Lacs ice fishing for the first time in 25+ years. Rented a house on a weekday overnight. Timed it right I guess. Full moon walleyes started at 9PM and went crazy between 12:20 and 4:30 AM. Rattle wheels not my favorite, but they were running well that night. I think the owner was surprized. I did not tell him that I switch the "hooks" on three wheels and that was 100% of our bites. Flipped them back to his "lures" when we left. Somewhat hard to let all those 17" to 20" "eyes" go, but what do you do.

Dogs are not too happy be left behind for those ice fishing trips though. I have a couple spots that I can run my dogs in a mild winter. Been great with that this Jan/Feb too.


I would rate it a 6, mostly because of the weather. Had lots of great hunts in both MN and SD. Dog had a 10 season. Thats what matters. I can't wait for next season.