QUESTION Rubber mats on PHA properties


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Forgive me if I've asked about this in the past, but has anyone else noticed black rubber mats (about 2ftx2ft or maybe 3ftx3ft) laying flat on the ground within grassland habitat on Pheasant Habitat Areas (PHA) properties? I've noticed these mats over the years but have no idea what they are being used for.

I know the state is using them for something because the grass around these mats are always flatted out (as if someone has been standing or sitting on these mats and the grass around the mats).

I've thought there's a possibility they're using them as a marker or "station" to listen for cackling roosters in the spring??? Who knows. Just an idea.

Does anyone happen to know what these are used for? Just curious.

Thank you.


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I would be willing to bet the wildlife biologist or a graduate student is surveying the reptiles populations in the PHAs. I’m used to seeing tin or plywood sheets but this sounds similar.


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That sounds possible and more likely.

SandPrairie, do you happen to work on habitat on the SandPrairie in Lee County?