Quail near Cuba?


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This is my second year here in New Mexico and I have been wanting to start hunting quail. I was just curious if anyone has found them around the Cuba/Sandoval County area? Does anyone have any experience around these areas? Also, if anyone would like to pair up hunting please let me know! I do not have a dog yet, but I am heading to Texas during Thanksgiving and picking up a Setter. Thank you and I look forward to talking and gaining experience hunting quail and grouse here in NM.
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Hey kborders,

There may be quail around the general area. I have seen quail as far north as the little town of Gilman. I don't think you may find very many coveys. You will have to go south and southeast to find quail to hunt. I use to hunt what is now Rio Rancho - there are quail in the urban areas but, of course, you can't hunt there (a lot of people feed them). Welcome to NM and good luck hunting. Thomas.
I appreciate the response Escopeton. Coming from Ohio it has been very different for me here in New Mexico in regards to hunting. I have always been used to private land tracts for hunting, but the vastness of the public lands is a bit overwhelming. Again, thank you for the response and good luck to you on your season.