pup needs home


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I need to find a person who is willing to take in a young hunting pup. I'm in ohio and will not ship her. Emergency please help.
are there behavior or other problems with the pooch that someone should be aware of?

What breed, sex and age is the pup?
She is a Vizsla/Weimeraner mix. Female that has been fixed. Solid brown 48lbs and is 3yrs old. Her mom is a vizsla and dad is a wiem. We got her at 6wks. We have had her all her life. She has hunted planted Phez and chukar.

My schedule did not permit me to hunt last season. She points for me but still needs a check cord. I don't get out enough to steady her. If the birds run she gives chase with out a check at times. With time she will steady. She will give you her attention.She is not gun shy at all. She can retrieve to hand. Early season goose is fun with her. If she doesn't see game go down she will work till she finds it.

She has never hunted with other dogs in the same hunting party. I admit she is a bit playful. I think that is my fault for not getting her out with other dogs to hunt. In the yard she will ignore our boxer when on retrieve playing fetch or frisby so there are signs of her ability to stay on task.

She uses her nose and naturally quarters and is a hard working pup.
as far as house dog stuff goes.She has never been around cats.So I don't know how she would react. She is very well potty trained. She rides in the car well. Around the house she knows her boundaries. When it comes to food and water if you feed her with other dogs you have to watch her cause she is a chow hound and will finish her food fast and may try to eat others food. I never give her table food. On days when I do not give her a good run she has been know to lick my recliner. But a good thing is that if she does not get a good run you can play indoor training easily with her. Also rope chews and nylabone can occupy her until she wants to fetch, she WILL lay her toys in your lap and sit and stare at you until you toss it.