Problem: Loading auto with gloves on


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Am looking for an over/under or side by side to use during winter hunts. Taking the glove off to load the good.

I need the safety near/inside the trigger, not on top of the gun, due to arm disability issues. Assume all o.u and s/s guns have the safety on top of the receiver; can a gunsmith make the change? Just started to research this - perhaps there's an expert here that can help. Thanks!


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Johnny there’s places that sell trigger groups that have had the carrier cut down and polished so you get less pinch with an auto loader. I know that there used to be places that did it with benellis and you would send them in your trigger group and they would send you back one that’s already been modified for a quicker turn around. Competition 3 gun places. Look at Brian Enos forums or there’s a place that did it called c-rums, call them
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I have been wearing less bulky gloves this season and have had no issues reloading with the gloves on, but I know what you are talking about.