Preserve Hunt


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Since my son and I could make it out to SD for the last week of the season we went down state to Janks Pheasant Farm and let the dogs chase some birds. Not the same as you can imagine, but my son got a CZ Teal for Christmas and we just needed to get it broken in.

We ran my setter, River, first and had 6 birds planted for her. She did a really nice job for her age and produced 8 birds for us. She had some nice points both on and off camera, dead battery. She also had her first retrieve of a large bird.

We ran my Brittany, Bella, second and she too had 6 birds planted. She was wound tighter then a drum and started out bumping birds. She did settle down and have some very solid points, but our shooting was all used up with River. We only killed 3 of her 6 birds should have killed 5, one rooster flushed wild after planting. Bella's best was running down ditch bank, swimming across and going on point just as she got on the other bank. Then she retrieved the rooster from the water. She was on point for a while and we couldn't figure out how to get across and flush the bird for her, so I gave her the command to fetch and she put the bird up.

I have attached a link to the playlist from my youtube channel for you enjoyment or not. Fun day with my son and it did help full the SD void just a little.