Pigeon Pole for steadiness/creeping


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So, I've just recently started doing some DIY pigeon work with my dog in our backyard. Prior to this, I've been trying to work on whoa, with mixed results. Using the pigeon on a pole, I've been trying to get him steady on point since I have noticed he is creeping. I try my best to not let him catch the birds, but since its only me, its hard to focus on him and get the bird in the air in time to keep him off it. He's caught the pigeon maybe 3 times, which i know isn't good and was a result of not being able to position myself to keep him back and get the bird in the air on time. I think the pigeons I'm using arent great flyers either, but Im not sure if I should also stop the pole work and move to a remote launcher to teach him to not creep? Im still working on whoa with him, and im using a half hitch on the check cord when he starts his point to try to keep him steady.

I've read good things about the pigeon on a pole, but I'm wondering if its a good setup for just one person and what others experience with young dogs creeping on birds with it is? Dog is 1 year old. Thanks!