Aye Mates,

Me cousin Ken just flew out to Iowa and picked up this 8 week old female Picardy Spaniel pup. The dog will be strictly a companion animal as Ken does not hunt and has no intentions to hunt the dog.

Ken named his new lass CAOIMHE (pronounced KEEVA in Irish) and meaning the "nobel" one. Ken is of course excited about his new pup which will live with him on his mini farm which includes a large horse paddock and some nice fields to run in.

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It is a real shame that pup won't get to grow up doing what he loves. But he sure is a cute booger.

What kennel did he get him from? Why did he want a picardy?
Aye Mate,

It is indeed sad to know she won't be hunted as she really is a beautiful pup. Not sure of the kennel name, but Ken flew out to Iowa to get her. The reason he got her was he read an article about the breed and they are suppose to be particularly loyal and have a good temperament as a companion dog.

I did not take the first photo in this article. Here is a recent photograph I shot of CAOIMHE last weekend.


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